I recently posted some widgets across my websites and got a lot of individual inquiries so I want to explain what Regulate Florida is.

The mission of Regulate Florida is simply stated as “to create a practical and enforceable framework for adult use of marijuana“.

Through a program of regulation and education, we will limit access to minors, prevent abuse and curtail driving while impaired. We will enable the creation of jobs and allow consenting and informed adults to choose to use cannabis responsibly rather than be labeled as criminals. while reducing the use of limited law enforcement resources.

UPDATE 03/18/2019

Taken directly from an email:

GrowHealthy and Regulate Florida Secure Partnership

Regulate Florida is excited to announce our new Petition Partnership with Grow Healthy!!  They are coming on strong in Florida with beautiful stores throughout the state with many more to come.

Be sure to drop by one of their locations to sign a petition, or pick up some to bring home, and be sure to try their high quality products while you’re there.
We look forward to our continuing relationship with Grow Healthy and the future that we will build together.
Smoking Bill Passes House and Senate

The smoking bill has passed the House and Senate and now awaits the Governor’s signature. Almost two years after the amendment passed, patients can finally use smoked marijuana, its most widely used form without processing, chemicals, added or removed terpenes. Patients now have access to cannabis the way nature intended it to be consumed.
This change is only for licensed patients; it still does not allow for home cultivation.  Regulate Florida needs to be passed to allow people to cultivate and use cannabis in the manner that YOU choose with out having to pay the state or be on a special state list.  
 Regulate Florida is For the People, By the People. 
Help Get Us On The Ballot TODAY:

Knowledge is one of the keys in a movement like this and if you need more info look at the Regulate Fl website by clicking this link for more info and then red the letter in this post and go sign the petition!

Workers in office of Regulate Fl

Here are some quick links to more info:

The following is a email sent to all members of the Regulate Florida Movement and is reprinted with the permission of the author.

To reach Supreme Court Review all we need is…

12,000 people to donate ONLY $10.00 each. Everyone on our Facebook page would get us to Supreme court review EASILY!!

6,000 people to donate ONLY $20.00 each, and we are at Supreme Court Review. Most of our supporters spend that every DAY on Cannabis, an arrest is a MINIMUM of $1,500 + for an attorney!

2,400 people to donate ONLY $50.00 each!! Really, do the people of Florida want this? Do people want to be able to cultivate? For a cultivation charge, after arrest, besides destroying your house, and seizing all your equipment, you face 5 YEARS in prison!

OMG, if 1,200 people donate $100.00 we reach our first goal earlier than either medical marijuana amendment did in 2014 and 2016.
Are you looking over your shoulder every time you’re driving, scared every time sirens are in the rear view mirror?
Regulate Florida will end the paranoia; it’s not the cannabis it’s the law!

If only 250 people donate $500, the seeds of freedom will be planted.
DO YOU KNOW, ANY amount of concentrate is a Felony in Florida punishable by up to 5 years in prison, a $5,000 fine and driver’s license suspension? End the madness now!

If only 120 people donate $1,000  we begin changing Florida forever and we pressure the legislature to act.

Join us now, we are doing everything we can so YOU can use cannabis as you choose.  Donate now so we can make that a reality for YOU without jeopardizing your children, your property, your job, your house, your car, your liberty, as a result of using cannabis.

Be 1 of 120 and make this idea of an open, adult use cannabis market in Florida a reality, with home cultivation, employee protection, public use, and a huge new tax revenue and tourism increase to the state. The facts and truth are out there; help us set them free.
Always dedicated, always driven and we’ll never stop pushing until it’s done!

Yours truly,
Michael C. Minardi, Esq. & The Board of Regulate Florida
#RegulateFlorida #TogetherWeWill


I donated what I could!

Here’s MY Honest Statement!

I am a victim of these crazy laws. I have been arrested 5 times in my life for Cannabis possession since 1973. Twice I was charged with trafficking here in Florida because I had more than 20 grams. It automatically is ASSUMED you are trafficking if you have more than 20 grams. LOL, An ounce(the most common weight) is 28 grams. The felony I was convicted of (only 1) I was charged for 32 grams and it was an ounce that was being used for a week so I figured they weighed it with the bag cause I never met a Cannabis distributor that gave out overweight amounts, LOL, most of the time it’s the opposite. Regulation might just change that!

I have been denied access to many things do to being a non-violent felon and I never hurt anyone! The only one who has been hurt here is me.

Along with making Cannabis legal I call for amnesty for all of us that have been victimized by the law!

I would love to hear what you think. Leave a comment or email me at dennis@usagreenrush.com

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Regulate Florida Petition

I hope I explained what Regulate Florida is enough so that you did make a donation!