The Isodiol Customer Rewards Program OURCBDMISSION Is DEAD for now!

Update 5/18/2019

As of 5 pm yesterday Friday May 17, 2019 the customer reward program for Isodiol has been terminated. For the moment I only have what I call RUMOR or fake news even speculation can be what I know, LOL.

Management at the parent company has not been very forthcoming. Support is non existent at the moment and Charles Vest is saying two different things. Charles as you know is our “DAD” and he announced a week ago on the our cbd mission Facebook page that the whole program is going to be revamped and that there will no longer be a second tier and there will be no team building. I believe that Charles has been struggling trying to build an MLM by another term. Meaning that he is an MLM professional. The whole idea at the inception was MLM. When Isodiol sold out to the International conglomerate that it is now an investor came on board (a larger investor I believe) and said “No MLM”. Since then the program has gone thru several evolvements as management struggles to get it right.

When Club 8 was disbanded and the program went to 2 levels we lost thousands of members for several reasons. A few of the top leaders who were in involved in the development of Club 8 left with thousands behind them and bad mouthed corporate across the internet. Charles Vest scurried to keep everyone onboard but they did not live up to promises made, and ran a simple affiliate program into the ground with the lack of communication, support and poor shipping and payment practices. The real killer was the support agents whose answers were things like, “that’s how we do business” or ” there is no way for me to tell if that product is in stock or not”, “just place the order and it will be back ordered if we don’t have it”, lol!

With all that said I do believe they do have a world class product and I will do my best to keep bringing the best products to market! Shop Our Gypsea Hempire for all the Isodiol family of products that I can get my hands on!

For the interim I am speaking with several companies. You can check out Dr.Ganja HERE!

Keep in mind that I have been using CBD for several reasons for several years like 8 to be more precise! With that said you can TRUST my opinion!


Update 03/03/2019

The new back office is up and constantly getting better and we have great news coming out from the corporate office! Management has announced the implementation of Sub-affiliates. Our system will now be 2 tier, 25/10%, that is 25% on your own sales and 10% on everybody’s sales that you sign up. That’s 10% of your affiliates sales as Passive Income! AWESOME!!!!!

Market all the products across the whole Family of Isodiol Internationals companies.

  1. AquaVita
  2. RapidCBD
  3. BioActive
  4. ISO-Sport
  5. CannaCeuticals
  6. CBDXtreme
  7. Bradleys Brands
  8. IsoDerm
  9. Pot-o-Coffee
  10. NanoBoost 

OurCBDMission the Isodiol Customer rewards program is coming alive now. This is the ever evolving direct marketing arm of Isodiol International. Ever since I have known management in this company and the President, Troy Nihart I have been dreaming of the right opportunity. It’s here now!


I am an affiliate marketer not an mlm person. So when the last attempt at direct marketing by Isodiol (Club8) went awry I hung in there, I know a good product when I use it! And my wait has been rewarded!

I have been a affiliate marketer for years. It’s how I put food on the table LOL. I have a Make Money Online (MMO) website; where I have written several articles about affiliate marketing!

Isodiol’s Customer Rewards Program

Affiliate marketing has always been my way in to internet marketing. I read once that affiliate marketing is the easiest way to make money online known to man.  With that said, I agree to a point. It doesn’t just happen, it does take some work, there are things you need to do to get your link out there and to get people to buy it doesn’t just happen. A good product is always the basis for everything! and Isodiol has that!



I am a walking talking testimonial to CBD as I have been using the substance as a replacement for the 14 pills a day I used to take LOL.

Through the course of the years while I’ve had several different maladies I have used upwards of 750 to 1000 mg a day of CBD and I’ll tell you what, I felt the best I ever did. You can even ask my doctor I went to my primary care physician while I had cancer and he told me I had the best blood work I had ever had the only thing we could attribute it to it was the massive amounts of CBD that I was doing. LOL I sure wish I could afford to do that much everyday all the time! I Now consume a hundred fifty or so milligrams a day!

Now it’s possible for you to share a link to Isodiol’s website and make it 25% on every sale!

Thru the OurCBDmission program.

Yeah you heard that right!

25% and it’s true affiliate marketing two levels you don’t need to build a team you don’t have to talk to anybody else all you got to do is share that link ~~~~  this is an internet marketing dream! When someone you sold to shares their link you will make 10% passive income!

And the beauty of the whole thing is the vision for the future!

OurCBDmission is going to be the retail marketing arm of Isodiol’s family of companies! Just imagine being able to Market all the products across the family of Isodiol Internationals companies.  Aas of March 3 2019 there are 10 product lines!
Bradleys Brands

And more to come       

A Truly an amazing opportunity!

  • If you want to change your Life 
  • Live the Lifestyle of an Internet Marketer
  • Have the Freedom to do What You Want, When You Want
  • This is the Business for You!
  • It’s not easy
  • It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme
  • ~ It’s not for everybody! ~


      Charles Vest is still our Dad
( director of affiliate development)

Or is it DCR (director of customer rewards)

I don’t care what they call him LOL

He’s trying hard to create a program where we can all prosper and share the mission of bringing CBD and plant-based medicine to the world. Charles is on of Isodiol’s resident CBD experts. He HAS been around! You will find him in our FaceBook Group announcing all the new specials and promotions along with the development of the program.

Charles Vest

Bravo Charles!!!!

Here’s the current promotion where you can get involved in the CRP! CLICK HERE NOW!!

25% off banner Iso-Sport

This was a previous sale just for you to see. Keep an eye on my site for the earliest news of SPECIALS. Sign up for my email list and get current updates!





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