So things are already moving in the stock market for the best cannabis stocks. As I mentioned in an earlier post many peman on graphople have already capitalized on this and since I have been watching several of the ones I am looking at have gone up 100 to 450%.

Do not take anything I say as investment advice! I am just giving my opinion as to whats happening with some real time facts. Before you invest in these kind of stocks be advised that they are in the most volatile of groups. Most of them are traded as OTC. Which is better known as penny stocks. They are extremely volatile and if you do invest expect a roller coaster ride! These are the kinds of investments that could possibly yield 4 or 5 digit percent increases!

In the last election year there were multiple stocks that incUS flag with VOTEreased 2000 to 20000% increases. That is how millionaires are made.

Since I started watching we’ve seen 275.8% gains in Cannagrow Holdings Inc. (OTC: CGRW)… 325.9% gains in Mentor Capital Inc. (OTC: MNTR)…and even 468% gains in General Cannabis Corp. (OTC: CANN).

And those aren’t the only big winners. Not even close…

Additionally, we’ve put seven other triple-digit winners up on the board. (And that’s not counting the 11 stocks that have hit doubbusinessman statuele-digit gains.)

So the big question now is what to do with these big gains? What a problem to have huh? Protect yourself by selling of half when your money doubles
and then let it ride. If you had got in in Sept with any one of 25 stocks you would already be making that move. That does not mean it is over.

I personally think the big shot is yet to come! I can’t wait to see these companies skyrocket after the November 8th election. And if all the states pass their respective laws watch out because the the will be over 30 states with some sort of cannabis legalization.

Personally I am a supporter of legalization for private adult use and let the medical industry reap the benefits of this ancient plant that used to be in our diets, Read my previous post on cbd oil!

Here is a direct quote from a Nova-x report a prestigious silicon valley financial investment group.

“For a cannabis commodity exchange to succeed and be a true platform, investors need it to be a bigger market for trading because options are based on future products and sales,” Michael Swartz, analyst with Viridian Capital & Research, said in an interview. “It comes down to regulation. If more markets open up, you’ll have bigger demand, activity and more buying and selling in those types of products.”

Look at the test tube states like Colorado and Oregon who have balanced their budgets with tax revenue from the sale of cannabis. Look at the folks flocking to the medical marijuana states to treat their parents and their children. There is no denying the medical benefits. It is big pharma lobbying our elected officials that is holding up the works! The pharmaceutical companies that have not entered the testing arena are going to lose out.medical marijuana patch

Another area that is likely to explode is the financial markets attached to the cannabis business. As we know the Feds still have marijuana as a class 1 narcotic but 4 states along with Washington DC(that’s irony for ya) have already legalizes it for adult use in defiance of the Federal laws. This has created a catch 22 for the marijuana entrepreneurs because the banks do not want to handle their money. That is one reason that that has opened the door for other financial upstarts to take off. One stock that is being featured is Mentor Capital. They are providing financial services for dispensaries and grower alike.mentor-capital-logo

Take a good look at these stocks and if you’re leary talk to an investment counselor. One thing I would advise is not to spend your grocery money in the stock market. That would be a foolish move! But if you are already investing it’s worth a look.

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