Thanksgiving only Sale!!!! 11/22/18


Thanksgiving only sale

Enjoy the convenience and deliciousness of a truly unique coffee experience! Pot-O-Coffee™ Hazelnut Haze features rich and nutty undertones in a medium roast Hawaiian Kona blend. This delicious coffee also delivers full body aroma and a smooth finish in a Heneplex™–infused blend. Heneplex™ is a powerful hemp complex that offers all-natural ingredients including phytocannabinoids and botanical terpenes for a full spectrum effect.

This exclusive Hazelnut Haze kit features 2 boxes of K-Cups™ and 2 boxes of our popular Cold Brew. That’s 24 individual K-Cups and 4 pouches of Cold Brew!

This product is absolutely amazing!

Coffee is one of my life bloods! LOL

CBD is one of my life bloods! YES

Heneplex IS an amazing water soluble product brought to us by Isodiol; the Worlds leader in Hemp Extraction and Plant Based products for the masses! 

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Support Hemp based products! For now we can only import Blends but things are changing! Try em out! They are much softer and cooler! Yes I am an Amazon Affiliate LOL.

Check out this GREAT Thanksgiving only Sale!!!! 11/22/18 POT-O-COFFEE BUNDLE