Now is the time to TAKE ACTION to improve USDA regulations. We need to speak out to protect our freedom to use hemp as we please. it is an extremely valuable plant in so many ways.

There is an organization lobbying to help keep regulations in line with the importance that hemp has for all of us. That’s VOTE HEMP!

Click on the hemp checkmark to comment on the HOUSE Regulations

Here is a copy of an ACTION ALERT sent by email to supporters recently:

TAKE ACTION to improve USDA hemp regulationsSend a comment, it only takes a minuteAct Now! The deadline is Wednesday eveningThe USDA issued an Interim Final Rule (IFR) entitled “Establishment of a Domestic HempProduction Program” to establish regulations for hemp farming as required by the 2018 Farm Bill.

We have carefully reviewed the IFR and identified some serious flaws that need to be corrected in order to ensure that farmers can grow hemp successfully.

We have a number of recommendations in our comments that ensure accuracy and fairness in the program including:Including sampling and genetic variation in the Measurement of Uncertainty Requiring the entire plant to be sampled to ensure accurate THC results

Increasing the sampling to harvest window from 15 to 45 days

Simplifying disposal of non-compliant plants and removing DEA from the process

Getting rid of the unnecessary requirement that labs be registered with DEARemoving the provision that makes crops that test >4.9% as negligent violation

USDA needs to hear from as many stakeholders as possible. We have pre-written comments that you can use or add your own comments. Even if you already submitted comments, you can join in supporting ours. It only takes a minute to send, please take a moment now as the deadline is Wednesday night.
Take Action!

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So Remember, Now is the time to TAKE ACTION to improve USDA regulations!