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CBDXtreme Brand Promotion

CBDXTREME products by Isodiol

It’s a New Year 2019 and we are having a CBDXtreme Brand Promotion across the board!


This is Xtreme banner for cbdxtreme

CBDXtreme was the first company I started dealing with when Isodiol started building the Isodiol Family of Companies! I have always been excited with their products and I use them myself.

I am an avid Vaper. I carry my vape pen everywhere. My Medical marijuana doctor told me that vaping is 8 times more effective than sublingual oil. The same would go for CBD from hemp! With that said I still use sublingual oil because I just can’t vape enough LOL!

Live to the xtreme banner
XTREME Products for EXTREME Lifestyles

I always have the H2O Xtreme in my cooler. I even give my dog Caitlyn the water when we are on the road. Our fur babies need the CBD more than we do in their every day diet!


I just had an aha moment when I wrote that about our fur babies, lol. The key to success with CBD in any manner is have it in yours and your families, including the pets, daily regimen! That’s the key! Get it in your daily regimen. Every day take some, some how! There is almost every delivery system known to man to deliver this fantastic compound, so it should be easy LOL You can Vape it, eat it, drink it, rub it on your body or whatever!

CBDXtreme Powers Your life Banner
Live LIFE to the XTREME

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This is an awesome event The CBDXtreme Brand Promotion of January 2019! Check it out!

Cyber Monday Deals Week!

It's Cyber Week 40% off and FREE Shipping

This is an old post for information only

Yessssiiiiirreeee Cyber Monday has been extended to Cyber Week!

cyber monday is for coffee Pot-o-Coffee

Can you believe it??

All your favorite Holiday Kits are still on special fo 40% or more off and FREE SHIPPING!

We’re extending our Cyber Monday sale! Shop this week and get over 40% off our hand-picked holiday kits plus FREE shipping* on ALL orders!

* US ground shipping only; offer valid through Sunday, 12/2/2018

Check em out!

The Full CannaCeuticals Kit at the best price I have ever seen!

This stuff is just great and take it from me it will help pour skin whether it’s him or her! I have used all these products and they all feel great!

Revolutionary Skin Care : Micro-encapsulation involves super-tiny particles in which an active molecule is enclosed to protect from oxidation to extend the shelf life and allows for timed release delivery so that the skin recognizes it quicker than ingredients in traditionally formulated skin care products.

Cannaceuticals CB7 skincare products micro-encapsulate our Cannabidiol (CBD) to facilitate a controlled release delivery and enhanced penetration of this potent antioxidant to the site upon application so that the skin utilizes it in a more efficient manner, allowing for quicker and more noticeable results.

Cannaceuticals is the FIRST to develop skin care using this novel, anti-aging Cannabidiol (CBD) in this super-efficient delivery system. As a result, clinical trials prove that our CBD7 Regenerating 7 Serum has noticeable results in just 7 days!

Full CBD7 Kit

CannaCeuticals complete CBD-infused anti-aging system



Go figure they made a kit of my favorite CannaCeuticals “For Him”. 

A trio of anti-aging CBD skincare products specially-formulated for men.

CannaCeuticals™ For Him features three robust skincare products specially-formulated for men. This unique kit combines micro-encapsulated cannabidiol (CBD) as well as other all-natural ingredients and botanical extracts to improve skin quality in a variety of products. Improve tone, complexion and overall health with the power of this science-based skincare system!

Utilizing a novel, anti-aging CBD formulation in an improved timed-release delivery system, For Him is a truly beneficial skincare routine. Clinical trials have proven that these products deliver noticeable results in as little as 7 days.

This 3-step kit includes:

  • Refreshing Facial Cleanser
  • Revitalizing Toner
  • Repairing Night Cream
Cannaceutical Kit Just For Him

CannaCeuticals 3-step anti-aging system for him



If you are in pain or know someone who is, TRY THESE!

In this kit are Bioactive Rapid Patches and Xtend Capsules.

Relieve pain and discomfort naturally with the unique benefits of CBD and other essential ingredients.

This special kit is designed to bring fast relief and promote faster recovery. Each Pain Relief Kit includes 2 pain-relieving patches and 30 capsules, each containing 25mg of CBD.

Our pain patches feature a fast-acting topical solution powered by CBD, lidocaine, and menthol and provide long-lasting soothing relief from aches and pains. They work great on the back, neck, shoulders, and legs.

Xtend™ CBD capsules provide natural relief from discomfort and overuse while targeting inflammation. These capsules deliver a proprietary blend of adaptogens and ISO99™ pure CBD to focus on the source of pain while supporting healthy joints.

Isodiol Pain Relief Kit

Includes 1 Xtend Caps + 1 Pain Relief Packet



2 of My Favorites CBDXTREME Gummies and AmpedUP Combo Kit!

For a limited time, enjoy the CBD-packed punch of delicious fruit ChewIT ™ gummies and Amp’d UP ™ energy shots! This variety pack delivers the healthy benefits of hemp-based edibles and beverages in tasty flavors. Enjoy this flavorful assortment while it lasts!

Wellness never tasted so good! Balance mind and body and get the energy you need to power through your day in this delightfully refreshing assortment of CBD chews and energy shots.

ChewIT ™ gummies provide the full spectrum of unique benefits of pure CBD. Enjoy three refreshing varieties of flavor-bursting chews and experience the full effect of these THC-free snacks.

    • Watermelon sour chews
    • Sour and sweet chews
    • Sour rainbow belts

Get Amp’d UP ™ with a berry-flavored energy shot that gives you the nutritional support and stamina boost you need! Amp’d UP ™ combines the wellnesssupport of hemp-derived phytocannabinoids, botanical terpenes, b-vitamins, and caffeine. It also features Heneplex ™, a full spectrum hemp complex formulated for ideal absorption.

Improve your focus, increase your stamina, and promote your body’s overall wellness with this CBD power pack – while it lasts!

CBDXTREME ChewIt Gummies and AmpedUp combo Kit

12-pack Amp’d UP Shots + 3 ChewIT Bundle



There’s a new ISO in town ISO-Sport!

ISO-SPORT™ CBD products are specially-formulated with whole-body performance in mind and this unique kit is designed to repair and prepare an athlete’s mind and body.

What’s included:

  • Ease capsules
  • Daily capsules
  • Rest capsules

Ease CBD pain relief capsules combines a powerful CBD99™ crystalline formula with East Asian adaptogenic herbs. This all-natural dynamic blend helps support cartilage health and promote long-lasting relief from pain, tension, and discomfort.

Daily capsules deliver a unique blend of essential daily vitamins, botanical extracts, and CBD from organically-grown hemp. Maintain optimum health and wellness with Vitamin B12 that helps boost energy levels and Vitamins C and D3 to help maintain optimum immune function.

Rest by ISO-SPORT™ delivers a powerful mix of botanical extracts and CBD from organic hemp that may help relax mind and body to promote sleep naturally.

ISO-SPORT™ products are made for people who demand the absolute best from themselves and their performance.

Iso-Sport Kit

Includes Ease, Daily, and Rest capsules



The Rapid CBD Nanomist Trio!

This is really an unbelievable price for a trio of unbelievably awesome products. I use the Brain to keep away “brain fog”

CBD. Calm. Brain. Discomfort. NanoMist oral sprays target specific areas to provide relief from temporary discomfort, promote calmness and relaxation, and maintain brain function.

NanoMist oral sprays offer fast, easy, and effective delivery of adaptogens, terpenes, and ISO99™ CBD. Powered by Heneplex™ nanotechnology for maximum bioavailability, NanoMist are designed to deliver the beneficial effects of hemp-derived CBD upon application.

NanoMist may offer relief from temporary discomfort, provide maintenance of neuro agility, and promotion of natural calmness.

These unique sprays are available in delicious grape, berry, and melon flavors.

Nanomist Trio

Includes Ease, Daily, and Rest capsules


kathy ireland Kit

Yes she has copyrighted her name in small letters lol I knew I liked something about her!

The Kathy Ireland Kit offers a two high quality hemp-derived CBD capsule varieties that deliver a lasting experience to suit any lifestyle.

Rest features a powerful blend of botanical and hemp extracts promoting all-natural relaxation as well as a balanced mind and body. Calm your mind and body with this capsule that may reduce the effects of everyday stressors and promote naturally-restful sleep.

Mend is a premium herbal complex designed to restore and maintain your body’s health. This unique formulation contains powerful antioxidants and may help provide natural relief from exercise and overuse of muscles while delivering maximum bioavailability for rapid absorption.

kathy ireland Kit

Includes 1 Rest + 1 Mend capsules


The newest offering from the Isodiol Family of fine CBD companies POT-O-COFFEE K-CUP/COLD BREW BUNDLE

Enjoy the convenience and deliciousness of a truly unique coffee experience! Pot-O-Coffee™ Hazelnut Haze features rich and nutty undertones in a medium roast Hawaiian Kona blend. This delicious coffee also delivers full body aroma and a smooth finish in a Heneplex™–infused blend. Heneplex™ is a powerful hemp complex that offers all-natural ingredients including phytocannabinoids and botanical terpenes for a full spectrum effect.

Hazelnut Haze K-Cup Coffee Bundle

Includes 2 Hazelnut Haze K-Cups + 2 Hazelnut Haze Cold Brew Bags


Here’s the one I have been waiting for and my order is IN!

For a limited time, get three delicious crafted coffee blends in a promotional bundle! Unique Pot-O-Coffee™ varieties are now available in bags of whole beans – choose three distinct flavors:

Hazelnut Haze  |  Light It Up  |  Get Roasted
Jamaican Me Crazy |  Wake N Bake

Pot-o-Coffee Bean Bag Bundle

Includes 3 different bags of whole coffee beans.


Another Great addition to the Isodiol Family Tasty Tinctures By Bradley’s Brand – 3 Flavor Assorted Concentration Packs

Bradleys Brands tasty Tincture 3 paks

CBD Tincture Bundle
Only available for a limited time!

Try an assortment of Tasty Tinctures by Bradley’s Brand designed to deliver the powerful benefits of CBD. Featuring the one-of-a-kind flavors of cherry soda pop, pineapple sherbert, and peanut butter & jelly in your choice of strength, this variety pack will surely enhance your CBD experience!

  • Tasty Tinctures uses an MCT Oil Base derived 100% from coconuts.
  • No artificial flavors.
  • No PG content or any other synthetic ingredients.
  • THC-Free

The Bradley’s Brand team is dedicated to create a mouth-watering experience while retaining an affordable price to the consumer. Three delicious flavor profiles are currently available.

Available in 30ml glass bottle with an eye dropper top.

Assorted Concentrations, 500mg, 1250mg, 2500mg. Go big or stay home!
GET THE 2500! You probably will never see this price again!
DO THE MATH 3 Bottles 2500mg that’s 7500mg of  flavored ISO99 Tincture for total for 180 American Dollars WOWZA! CRAZY!  less than .25per MG
or get the 500mg and get 1500mg for only $44.25 less than .30 per MG UNHEARD OF!

$44.25 – $180.00

Bradleys Brands tasty Tincture 3 paks

CBD Tincture Bundle OVER 40% OFF Only available for a limited time!


Our Gypsea Hempire
We're buidling Our Gypsea hempire
88 mg CBD Vape Cartridge
Our Gypsea Hempire Brand

Our Gysea Hempire Brand 88mg CBD Cart

$19.99 on sale for $10

20 mg CBD Vape Cartridge
Our Gypsea Hempire Brand

20mg Cartridge CBD

20 mg CBD Vape Cartridge
.5 ml
6 for $30.00

Normal $348

Today $199

ADDIT 5000 CBD juice

5000mg of CBD in 50 ml of ADDIT juice. This product is tasteless and should be used added to your present juice.

For these products from

Our Gypsea Hempire

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Check out the history of HEMP here!

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Support Hemp based products! For now we can only import Blends but things are changing! Try em out! They are much softer and cooler! Yes I am an Amazon Affiliate LOL.

So It’s Cyber Monday Deals week! All these great prices will be available until Dec. 2!