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So, what are you Passionate in Life about?
Is it CBD?

Pic of CBD and the Brain

It is for me! I have been on this journey for years now! I literally gave up pharmaceutical drugs cold turkey completely 4 years ago. It’s been all natural for me and the center of my focus has been CBD.

I spent a couple years (quite a few really) in denial with the pharmaceutical medications. I was diagnosed with a degenerative disease in 1995 and have pummeled the odds!!!

In 2001 I was diagnosed with PTSD after a terminal scuba accident offshore of the Florida Keys while being Captain on an Offshore Spearfishing operation.

I have been struggling with pain and anxiety most of my adult life! They do go hand in hand.

In 2003 a surgeon called the ambulance to his office to take me to the hospital because there was no way I could walk he said. It turned out to be a PA, not the doctor. He rushed in the room and never even looked at me while he was pronouncing his orders after reading just my reports , he hadn’t even looked at the pictures LOL!

I asked if he had put me in the computer yet that I was there to see them? (I wanted to do my duty to my primary care doctor).  When he looked up and replied “YES” I stood up and said “Watch, I walked in here and now I am going to walk out of here, Thank You Have a Nice Day.”

I had no intention of having the surgery but my PC had told me no more percocets if I didn’t see the surgeon. LOL I saw the surgeon. I know several friends who had the infamous fusion and were not happy. I have never been in a hospital overnight since birth and hope I never have to!

Then I found a doctor giving me pain killers and xanax at the same time. A death sentence for a percentage of people. He said he had never heard of that, lol, I brought him the  Medical article the day I fired him. see

Yes I made an appointment to see him, fired him and refused to pay the copay! lol, Oh well shit happens!

In 2014 I had a terrible interaction between the pharms I was taking and alcohol and a couple other substances. A court ordered physician decided that the 14 pills a day I had been taking from my Primary Care Physician, my Pain Management Specialist, and my Neurologist, being paid for for years by Humana, were all wrong. So I went cold turkey from all of the pills. That was a first! I had given one up here and one there but all at once lol, new experience. Of course he prescribed his own cocktail. lolol.

Another couple years of bad side effects. I had given up alcohol and street drugs but it was 2 of the worst years of my life! I did have 2 relapses with street drugs as I took in a roommates to help with the bills. Each time they turned out to be addicts LMAO.

I had a cocked gun to my head twice! I believe it was a side effect of the anti seizure medication that they were giving me for the side effect it was supposed to have on me. I had never had a seizure in my life!! (I also lost my Life Insurance that I had been paying into for years because of the type of medication I was on in my med profile) At the last moment I said “NO this won’t solve anything” I fought with the therapist about changing the drugs, which he did once. And the institution wouldn’t ever let me speak with the real doctor LOL. Sorry but I went cold turkey from that garbage as soon as Big Brother would let me. I have an almost life long friend who hadn’t seen me in years that can attest to what I looked like while on those meds.
(update 09/16/2018 see my friends comment below in the comment section)

headless man without his Brain

It’s now 2018 and I am still walking LOL. I live in pain. It is my cue that I am alive. LOL There are ways to manage your pain and anxiety. Pain and anxiety go hand in hand. You get anxious cause you know you will be in pain. Then you’re in pain and you are anxious about the remedies and information overload you are told about your pain. LOL Oh boy the merry go round!

After all the bad stuff I started using CBD. I bought CBD all over the place. I was in an MLM with CBD, I affiliate marketed CBD, I went to meetings about it, bought it in headshops, on the internet and talked to every holistic doctor or health food store employee that would talk to me. Information almost overload ~~ I learned how to differentiate between FACT and OPINION!

I was born into a family of salesmen so that’s what I did to afford my medication! (It’s still not covered by insurance) I got Pro-Active in the CBD business world.

Actually I had been active in the Cannabis sector having been a member of NORML since 1976. (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws)


In the summer of 2017 I was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Skin Cancer. I had several malignant biopsies and a half a dozen pre-cancer sites. OH boy. I refused conventional treatment for the biopsy sites but they railroaded me into cryosurgery on the pre cancer sites. “This might be a little uncomfortable” ~~ 260 degrees below zero nitrogen directly on your skin, AAAAHHHHHH!!!!! I then opted to treat the malignant sites with RSO(Cannabis Oil), 1000 mg’s a day (combination of topical and oral) and massive doses of CBD(750 to 1000 mg a day of ISO99 2500).

I sort of embraced the natural foods and kept my spirit up saying “I WILL beat this”. And I had a wonderful home support partner Shirley Hermelin who IS my Gypsea Queen!  All the while working 7 days a week on the road promoting CBD!(Almost getting arrested a few times see my youtube channel  the Sturgis playlist LOL) And sho nuff I am done with the big C!

Shiley n Dennis

This is what Shirley had to say after reading this:

“Dennis, watching you, my belief in plant based therapy deepens every day.
I know the degree of pain that your spine exerts on you and to see the amount of relief you are able to get from the formulations that Isodiol makes is amazing. I am so happy at the difference it has made in your life.”

I wear long sleeve t-shirts a lot and fish at night! LOL

In 2017 I became a Medical Marijuana patient in the state of Florida. It has been a Godsend.

I have been involved with Cannabis since I was 14, 51 years ago.

I have never been in a hospital overnight.

Let those last two statements settle in a little bit~~~~~~~~~~~

Could there be a connection?

I have spoken with several doctors about it who just smile and won’t comment either way basically because they don’t know. My Cannabis doctor is still learning. Now I have a primary care physician and a Cannabis doctor. LOL My PC says I’m getting the best blood work ever!!! My Cannabis doctor says be careful with that Euphoria side effect, LOL.

UPDATE 3/22/2019

I just went thru a harrowing experience for me and ended up with a stent in my heart. If you know me you know I discussed my medical use of cannabis with every medical ear I could find. Nurses, doctors, phlebotomists, anybody in scrubs, LOL😎👌👍😉💚💚💚
The bottom line is most of them don’t know shit! The most common answer I got during my recovery was, “yeah I have heard that.” Occasionly “a relative uses that”. Mention Cannabidiol is the name and they say “what?” That’s their biggest mistake, lol cause I then go into my share information mode and it is very hard to shut me up, LOL.

A cardiologist had the best answer I heard and this is from memory,
“CBD is great, it can’t hurt anything and from what I have read it can help with balancing everything out. Medical Marijuana with thc I don’t know much but haven’t ever heard where it could hurt. I know of no bad interactions.”

Hearing it from me is one thing but listen to the rest of these people!

Here are a few testimonials that an associate in the CBD sector has received


These are real people and unsolicited. They are not identified as they asked not to be! There are people who believe but are afraid because of the stigma our greedy lying government has duped the country with.

I met a girl in Sturgis SD last summer while peddling my oils at One Eyed Jacks on Main Street during the bike rally who was leaning on the bar crying. I went over and asked her what was wrong and she replied “I just rode from California on my boyfriends bike and it’s a hardtail and I can hardly walk” Her boyfriend noticed us and asked what was up. I said I can help! Sold him a bottle of ISO1500 which we no longer have and she was dancing in 10 minutes!!!! Now this product is in the Bioactive Hemp Oil ISO 99 family!

She knows Hemp is Hip

Posted by Dennis Darragh on Thursday, August 3, 2017

I also have a friend who wants to remain anonymous That recently had surgery and was in lots of pain. He was taking percocet prescribed by the surgeon and it wasn’t cutting it. I gave him an ml of the oil I take every day and he was calmed down in a matter of 10 minutes. He then took an ml twice a day for a week and was able to function. He’s getting better, still no lifting but he’s still taking like a 1/4 to 1/2 ml as maintenance every day!

That oil was the ISO99 2500mg, Bioactive Hemp Oil Tincture™,  which as of Feb 2019 is now RapidCBD Pure Natural Hemp Oil in the 2500 mg. Same Great Product I have been using for 2+ years! Just click the name to go to the Isodiol main site then choose Brands/ RapidCBD/RapidCBD Pure, Natural Hemp Oil Tincture in the 2500 mg size!

This premium wellness tincture is a blend of ISO99™ CBD and MCT oil derived from organic coconuts. This unique mixture is free of preservatives, flavors and additives. ISO99™ CBD is derived from high quality hemp and is guaranteed for purity and safety. RapidCBD Hemp Oil is a concentrate of ISO99™ and has one of the highest concentrations of CBD among similar products available in the market.
ISO 99 Bioactive Hemp Oil
BIOACTIVE HEMP OIL™ is a concentrate of ISO99™ and has one of the highest concentration & quality of CBD among the products available in the market. In addition, it is free of preservatives, flavors and additives.
What Bioactive Hemp Oil Tincture™ offers:
A Super easy way to use hemp oil
An option to be added in your favorite beverage
Availability in 500mg, 1250mg & 2500mg

1ml gets you 83mg of the finest CBD oil in the world!

Mary Kingsley

Look what Mary Kingsley had to say~~

“I am the life long friend, and an RN for 43 Years. I saw Dennis when he was on a lot of medication and I was very concerned. He was clearly over medicated and had developed the “haldol shuffle” we call it when extrapyramidal symptoms are evident. I told him he had to get off the stuff and he did. He went back to being my teenage pal (I think this is a good thing). Also he pestered me about trying isodiol and I resisted. I didn’t want to take anything that could be considered a drug or would be looked at askance but I had “nurses thumbs” really bad arthritis in the basal joint if my thumbs due to over use. It was becoming crippling. I family gave in and tried the isodio because conventional medicine offered me only a surgical option after two rounds or extremely painful and ineffective cortisone injections. So I tried the isodiol and i had tremendous relief from the pain and restoration of function. I still have impairment and discomfort but nothing like it was. I didn’t feel high in any way. I could not tell I had taken anything and that is what i wanted – life unmedicated. I am a convert. And i am happy to see my buddy Denn restored”

Mary used the ISO99 500

ISO 99 Anhydrous Hemo Oil
BIOACTIVE HEMP OIL™ is a concentrate of ISO99™ and has one of the highest concentration & quality of CBD among the products available in the market. In addition, it is free of preservatives, flavors and additives.
What Bioactive Hemp Oil Tincture™ offers:
A Super easy way to use hemp oil
An option to be added in your favorite beverage
Availability in 500mg, 1250mg & 2500mg

1ml gets you 16mg of the finest CBD oil in the world!

If you have a current testimonial and would like it published in this article just email it to me at

Some people still feel there is a stigma to Cannabis. We all need to get out there and show them there is not! WE even have a product that the CBD is derived from Hops. It is out of stock right now as it was wildly popular. I tried the highest serving size pill and did get relief!

Will I fail a drug test?

One of the first questions I always get is “Will I fail a drug test?”  There is a long winded explanation but this says it best!

According to Quest Diagnostics,

“If the product contains only CBD and has had the THC removed, then an individual being tested would not be expected to test positive for marijuana or marijuana metabolite.”

Read those words carefully! Pay attention to “not expected” you have a 1 in like 2 million chance to throw a false positive. All you have to do is ask for a gas chromatography review of your test! If you are using Isodiol products it will reveal the false positive, if you are trying some fly by night CBD El Cheapo then u r on your own!

I could go on and on about the stories I know of but I want to hear from YOU!

The MISSION if you choose to accept it is to USE Isodiol products yourself every day! Yes we all need them! We would not have an “endocannabinoid system” if we did not.

And as a REWARD you can SHARE these amazing products with your friends or the whole world if you’re like me just by joining OURCBDMISSION. Go ahead and click the link to see how you can share CBD and help the world become a better place!
And make a little cash too!!!!!

Yes it is true! Lets do this! We all can make the world better together!

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So what are you passionate about in life? Is it CBD?