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The DEA is at it again.

New DEA Rules Threaten CBD industry prosperity again. The DEA is making an attempt to control All cannabinoid compounds in a new rule expected to pass in the first week of Jan 17 2017. These compounds are not listed under the Controlled Substances Act. The onlyDEA Police cannabinoid compound stated in the Act is THC, the psychoactive compound. There are over 80 known cannabinoid compounds. So it looks to be that the DEA does not have the authority to do this as they have no legislative powers. They tried a similar attempt a few years back and failed. The War on Drugs is still not over and parts of the government just will not yield to change. Keeping control of such a useful plant because of this off the wall thinking is damaging to our whole existence as a free society. The mainstream media does not tell the public about this kind of political movement which I believe is a stretch of power.Read More