The OurCBDMission Fathers Day Isodiol Sale Is an amazing event! 


The OurCBDMission customer rewards program from Isodiol International is blowing out a great sale for Fathers Day. From now thru next Sunday you can get 25% of and FREE SHIPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ourcbdmission Fathers Day sale from Isodiol

Take a look at all the great products from Isodiol. Everything on the website is on sale. this is an amazing event and a sign of more to come from Troy Nihart and the team at Isodiol International.

It is almost unheard of to get a discount and FREE shipping.
This company is on a mission.

The mission is to share CBD products with the world.

Some of the products~~~~~~~~~~~

Bioactive Body Balm from Isodiol

Achieve a soothing relief with this deep moisturizing blend of natural plant oils, body balancing adaptogens and ISO99™. This luxurious body balm nourishes dry skin, invigorates tired muscles, and may ease temporary discomfort.
What Bioactive Body Balm™ may offer:
Dry skin nourishment
Revitalization from tired muscles
Protection against toxic effects from stress

Isodiol Bioactive-Xtend-Caps

BIOACTIVE XTEND CAPS™ delivers a unique blend of adaptogens and ISO99™ that may help provide natural relief from occasional discomfort due to exercise and overuse. What Bioactive Xtend Caps™ may offer: Anti-inflammatory properties Anti-oxidant capabilities Joint support and relief

ISO 99 Anhydrous Hemo Oil

BIOACTIVE HEMP OIL™ is a concentrate of ISO99™ and has one of the highest concentration & quality of CBD among the products available in the market. In addition, it is free of preservatives, flavors and additives.
What Bioactive Hemp Oil Tincture™ offers:
A Super easy way to use hemp oil
An option to be added in your favorite beverage
Availability in 500mg, 1250mg & 2500mg

Isodiol Bioactive Rapid Patch

BIOACTIVE RAPID PATCH™ is a fast-acting topical pain relief solution, powered by lidocaine and menthol. Each patch is 10cm x 14cm in size. What BIOACTIVE RAPID PATCH™ may offer: Menthol for analgesic qualities to relieve body aches and pains Nerve calmness Lidocaine for soothing anesthetic properties

And there are many more products that are involved in the sale actually EVERYTHING on the Isodiol website is on sale!

Just click right here to go to the main shopping link!

Get your 25% OFF 


GUESS WHAT????????????????????/

I have something really special for you as a reward for taking advantage of this special.

For your freebie just send me a screenshot or a picture of your receipt!

I really believe that we would all live a longer healthier life if we made a concerted effort to have CBD’s in our daily regimen.


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Go ahead and take advantage of OurCBDMission’ Fathers Day Sale from Isodiol! Everything’s 25% off along with FREE SHIPPING