Big Pharma is fearful of the medical benefits of CBD oil as it will hurt their bottom line!

Powerful relief from pain, relief from anxiety, and disease symptom relief without side effects aoil-and-waterre shown by Human trials.
It’s hard to believe that in America today an oil that could improve the lives of millions of people is in danger of being yanked from the shelves.


And it is all just because Big Pharma fears for their profits.


The oil, made from the hemp plant seed and stalk, is legal in all 50 states in America, and despite Big Pharma’s efforts, sales have already exceeded expectations.

It is the one biggest single threat to the pharmaceutical industry, given that 8 out of the top ten best selling pharmaceuticals do act on the body’s built-in cannabinoid receptor!

Now that these cannabinoids of good quality are legally available to the market, Big Pharma stands to lose billions of dollars yearly.

Jaw-Dropping Results

Dr. David Allen MD says,  “The discovery of the endocannabinoid system is the single most important medical scientific discovery ever and will save more lives than the discovery and application of the sterile surgical technique, I’m a heart surgeon saying that…”

According to Larry Ostrovsky, co-founder of SOL CBD – the leading supplier of pharmaceutical-grade CBD oil: “People are completely replacing or drastically reducing use of other pharmaceutical drugs.


Dr. William Courtney, who has successfully used it treating thousands of patients, says: “I consider it is the single most important dietary element outside of water humans should have on a daily basis. It is a dietary essential.“
Why do drug companies want this oil stopped, even though respected doctors are astounded by its effects?

It’s not the CBD oil itself that does the healing. What it does is turn on the starving “endocannabinoid system”, which balances out the body. It is especially active in the brain. It enables the body to heal and balance out from a number of conditions, all while relieving pain, reducing anxiety, and cravings for food and cigarettes.


Highland Pharms

The human body needs this essential nutrient that . It seems to be a miracle that should have always been legal.

Because the oil is natural, drug companies can’t patent it (like they did with Viagra) and make big profits. Plus, if you’re healthy, with a strong body, a healthy drive, a clear mind and youthful looks; you aren’t likely to be buying expensive prescription pills. That’s the very reason big business is trying to have it pulled off the shelves.

How Does It Work?

The CBD oil works by reigniting the body’s critical “endocannabinoid system” and starts it functioning like it’s supposed to – balancing your body’s hormones,endocannabinoid system neurotransmitters, and more. Your body needs these cannabinoids, (only available from this hemp plant) and when it gets them, it comes into a state of pain-free balance and calm, clear energy.

This approach doesn’t force dangerous synthetic drugs into your body like pharmaceutical drugs and prescription painkillers do. Instead, it works with your body to produce the pain and symptom relief naturally. And the results have been extraordinary. People report “FEELING STRONG… WITH MORE ENERGY, FOCUS, DRIVE, AND PAIN FREE!”

According to patents filed by the U.S. National Institute of Health, along with thousands of studies seem to indicate that CBD blocks pain, restores balance to many critical systems of your body, increases well being, improves mental state and mental capacity.

With having this built-in, critical cannabinoid system we need cannabinoids, as badly as you need vitamins.

stevencarmen with marijuanapatient

It’s as if your body activates its full potential when you get CBD in your system,, and starts to feel as it did in the prime of your life. Youthful. Full of energy, happy and most importantly – pain free.

Dr. David Allen MD says “We’re finding out that manipulation of this endocannabinoid system will control diabetes, it controls cancer, it controls whether you can survive a heart attack or a stroke.”

Initial Users Are Thrilled!

“After 6 weeks I’m impressed! I’m feeling no pain and NOT suffering from any of these horrible side effects as I used to… plus my drive is back! Now I can take my focus away from my pain… – Eddie D. of Tarrytown, NY

“I’m 67 years old and playing tennis again… tennis!”- Guy R. of Fresno, CA


“It’s a miracle! I jump out of bed in the morning instead of crawl. I feel so much stronger too. Thank you for this!”- Michael B. of Dayton, OH

“Big Pharma” Fat Cats Want It Gone

The powerful Pharma companies don’t want this to be available to the public any longer. They want to produce their own synthetic version of CBD oil (They’ve tried. It doesn’t work). Experts agree the CBD oil is revolutionary.

Hand with pen drawing the chemical formula of CBD

You will see your pain dissolve, enjoy impressive pain free life, new interest in everyday activities uninhibited by pain, you’ll feel younger, better, healthier, stronger, and your mind will feel focused and remarkably clear.

Multiple studies have even shown that people experience a drop in craving for cigarettes up to 40%! Especially those who are vaporizing!

But if big business gets its way, you’ll never have the chance to experience it for yourself. That’s why this election is so important!

The changes you will see in your body are miraculous (pain evaporates, acne disappears,anxietyandcbd and youthful energy returns uninhibited by pain, circulation increases – and your youthful pain free life is restored). Some people even find anxiety disappears. I personally have experienced pain and anxiety relief!


This is cutting edge technology that can change the world. It is kind of ironic to know the medical benefits of CBD oil have been around for thousands of years yet we have a political and business struggle with it in  the 21st century.

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