Laguna Blends is about to launch into a new segment of their history so I am writing this Laguna Blends Review to help explain what the opportunity is and what fantastic products are available in the Laguna Blends Reviewmarketplace today. I previously Introduced Laguna Blends in a different article and you can read that by following this link right here, it opens in a new tab so you won’t lose your place in this article.

CBD Infused Products

Laguna Blends specializes in CBD infused products using a proprietary nanotechnology. This technology provides the best delivery system in the industry for these amazing compounds. It’s about the surface area of the nano-particles being able to have more total surface area to transfer the compounds into your blood as I understand it. With Heneplex you get the benefit of each and every cannabinoid because the nano-emulsification process saves your body the work of trying to break down the particles making them more bioavailable at the cellular level. Ultimate absorption and virtually NO waste means greater benefits, value AND superior results. For those of us using CBDs as a treatment this is extremely important for us to be able to get the CBDs in our system as effectively as possible. Having products that fit in with my lifestyle is important. Laguna Blends is striving to bring valuable diverse CBD and Hemp products to the market place.

Three Opportunities

  • There are basically three opportunities arising with Laguna Blends.
  • First there’s the Marketplace this is where you can purchase all of your CBD needs. Go ahead and click the link and look around at the great new CBD and Hemp infused products. There is a affiliate opportunity involved in the marketplace for more information email me or comment on this post and I will help you out and get you started with the affiliate program it’s one of the best I’ve seen in the market right now offering 20% on all purchases!
  • Second, there is going to be a powerline opportunity before the launch of the MLM opportunity. To get in click here! It goes in chronological order and is a straight line. There is no referring needed. Everyone that joins after you is below you and you have an opportunity to earn if they buy in. It is free to jump in right now! The buy in is $39.95 and the product has not been announced yet. That is happening on April 1. My experience with this type of opportunity is that everyone makes some money. The guys at the top the most of course but that doesn’t mean you can’t cash in if you act now. Join Here!
  • Third, this is a penny stock worth adding to your Cannabis portfolio even as a small stake! At the writing of this article:                                           CSE Symbol: LAG                   Last Price: 0.165 Net Change: -0.01            OTC Symbol: LAGBF             Last Price: 0.13 Net Change: -0.0054                 I bought this at .08 about two weeks ago.

Marketplace Affiliate Opportunity

This is a unique opportunity for marketers in the affiliate Arena to participate in the brand new Marketplace with products that will be in demand and in Limited Supply which is a great opportunity. Laguna Blends is offering 20% affiliate Commission in the newly launched Marketplace. Contact me for more information as it’s all just unfolding right now. Use my email, the comment section or even the contact form at the bottom.
Take a look at the new Laguna Blends Marketplace with this link!

Laguna Blends Marketplace
The word I get on the Corporate calls is there will be a business-to-business opportunity also which is comparable to being able to wholesale the products. This is all still in the works and has not been announced as of yet but I’m excited about that opportunity also.

MLM Opportunity ~~~ CLUB 8

The MLM opportunity, CLUB 8, is still in the “trust me until the launch phase”. I really don’t like that phase at all. For those of you interested in an MLM opportunity this might be good for you, the product is great, it’s the right place at the right time theory, and the buy-in will be affordable. At this point in time the whole thing has shades of Kannaway to me and I didn’t have a very happy experience there but that’s another whole story. Remember I personally do believe in the MLM business model as a way to create passive income, you just have to have the right products and the right situation. Sign up for the newsletter to receive updates when the whole Club 8 opportunity rolls out!

Laguna Blends, Club 8 Review

Pre Launch promotion will be a straight line power line just like the buzz launch with Kannaway. It’s already started and the way straight line power lines works, is it’s a chronological order as you join everyone that joins after you is below you. And when the power line is finished the promotion you get paid on everything everybody in the line below you bought. The buy in on April 1st will be $39.95.
The product is Heneplex Nanodrops

Laguna Blends Nanodrops

The MLM opportunity is called Club 8. The 8 supposedly representing the Infiniti sign turned vertical. The launch of the full direct marketing opportunity is scheduled for 4/20. A great day for a hemp company launch! A celebration is being prepared and will take place in San Diego! Bonus pools are already being organized and the excitement is building!

Penny Stock Opportunity

Keep an eye on the news because Laguna Blends is positioning itself to open a market in Canada also along with the launch of the USA Market this spring. I can see this as a long-term investment that can be purchased for pennies right now. At this writing it appears:

CSE Symbol: LAG
Last Price: 0.165
Net Change: -0.01
Last Price: 0.13
Net Change: -0.0054

Flagship Products

NanoDrops is an Exclusive product to the Club8 opportunity. These drops can be used to upgrade any bottle of water you would like with the Heneplex compounds. There are 44 servings in each bottle and right now it is $39.95 for 2 bottles. So 88 servings. Awesome deal! This is brand new and mine are on the way so I will update when I have used them for a while! Remember this product is exclusive to Club8 members!

CBD Water

CBD Water. CBD infused with nanotechnology! There are two varieties, CBD Naturals and HempRain. Each having its own place in the market. Both waters are to be considered a supplement.

CBD CBD Natural Water by Laguna BlendsCBD Naturals has a clean fresh taste and is loaded with CBD Nano particles.
HempRain has a citrus flavor and is thirst quenching and an energy boost! cbd infused water Hemprain by Laguna BlendsThis is a great product to passively get your CBDs every day! I highly recommend this.


A full line of the finest anti aging skin care products available. CBD 7!Cannaceuticals cbd infused skin care
7 different products to revitalize and renew your skin.
Patented”spheres” of nano particles rejuvenate your cells naturally.

Laguna Blends Nano delivery system


The pro369 drink is a great hemp protein mixture that will give you theLaguna pro 369 protein drink proteins you need and want.
And the Caffe is a treat in an instant formula.Caffe by Laguna Blends

Heneplex CBD Shots

The Nano ZZZ and AmpedUp CBD shots serve a specific purpose giving CBD Infused Heneplex Shotsyou the desired effect of energy or sleep in a healthy mix with essential CBDs as the foundation.

CBD Oil Tincture

A new product in the launch line this is one of the more effective ways to get a larger serving when needed. Usually applied sublingually or swallowed mixed with tea or something. From the Laguna website
“Our potent Tinctures maximize CBD’s naturally occurring essentiaIsodiol CBD oil Tincturel fatty acids (Omega 3, 6, 9), botanical terpenes and phytochemicals. We use pure, natural, non-GMO and THC-free industrial Hemp oil formulated with pharmaceutical grade CBD, organic certified Hemp seed oil and certified Coconut oil. With three
oral Tincture strengths available, 50 mg, 100 mg, and 250 mgs, you get the value and benefits of customizing the amount of CBD that works best for you drop by drop. Our Tinctures provide you with one of the simplest and quickest ways to regulate and use CBD for a wide range of issues.”
The Oils being provided by Isodiol, a leader in the advancement of Nano infused CBD products.


Vitadots Daily Chewable Gummies come in two varieties each with a specific target. One with Acai that helps with digestive and immune sysytem health. The other with Tayberry helping keep your bones strong with added vitamin d.

Vitadots with Heneplex by Laguna Blends

More New Innovative Products

The company, Laguna Blends intends to continue the growth of their product offerings and having Marketplace exclusives as well as Club 8 exclusive products. The possibilities are endless in this industry as it can extend to packaging , clothing and almost anything you could think of!

The present products origins go back to Isodiol which has been an industry leader in the Nano technology field. Laguna Blends is looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship with Isodiol.
Isodiol being a world leader in processing THC free Cannabis Oil with high CBD content. They make it available in bulk form wholesale to pharmacies around the world as well as developing new products for the retail market all the time. Contact me for wholesale possibilities.

The Captains Opinion

I am a real fan of CBDs and have been using them for about 4 years. I have found personal relief and have been able to curtail the use of poisonous pharmaceuticals in my life. I have been searching for the best CBD products and after a considerable journey feel that Laguna Blends along with Isodiol have the best CBD products in the market. I wrote this Laguna Blends Review to expose you all to the opportunity before us. There seems to be a little something for everybody at Laguna Blends and Club 8.

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