Dr. Alan Shackelford a Harvard trained physician commenting on Israel marijuana research said “Israel is leading the world by instituting government policies that make it possiblIsraeli flage to conduct scientific investigations into the potential medical uses of cannabis with a minimum of
restrictions and with sensible regulations, and by not putting roadblocks in the way of conducting legitimate research.” They are paving the way for advancements that are crucial to the cures of many diseases inflicting the world.

Israels Health Ministry and Agriculture Ministry

In August of this year Israels Health Ministry and Agriculture Ministry got together and announced that all research efforts into cannabis will come under the new agency, The National Center for Research in Medical Cannabis which is due to open in the summer of 2017.The center will be under the Agriculture Ministry’s Volcani Center
which is globally recognized for it’s studies. This exemplifies the countries commitment to research in a field being left behind by most of the world. Even the US is closely watching the advancement made by the Israeli’s.

The Volcani Center

A senior research scientist at the Volcani Center, Nirit Bernstein, has been studying cannabis for three volcani centeryears. She says “there is still more unknown than known” about the plant’s biochemistry, physiology and medicinal impact. She specializes in environmental effects on plants and is studying how to optimize the cultivation practices related to cannabis. In an interview with The Cannabist, a leading US news organization,  she said “In addition to its much-talked-about main cannabinoids THC and CBD, it contains more than 100 other cannabinoids and over 300 additional secondary metabolites (i.e., components that appear in minute quantities),”Israels leading researcher



The magic in cannabis!


In that interview she also noted “The magic in cannabis is in the profile (the content) of all these minuscule compounds.” The rest of the world should take note of her scientific reference to the plants value as “magic”  The plant has been used medicinally for as long as medicine has been studied. Going back thousands of years to the beginning of recorded time. Cannabis was one of the original cash crops due to value of hemp in the innovation of paper, rope and medicine.

Israel’s Cannabis Policy

Advocates for more medical research say that Israel’s policy of allowing cannabis research to take place without much interference by legal or political entities should be a model for the rest of the world including the USA. The Israeli government has very few restrictions on the research of cannabis. In fact back in the 1960’s Israeli scientist Dr. Raphael Mechoulam was one of the first to identify the CBD and THC compounds, noting the medicinal value of CBD and the The high induced by the THC compound. He did his original studies on Lebanese Hashish that was confiscated by the police.

Israel’s Medical Cannabis Program

He lobbied the Ministry of Health for years and in 1992 got them to establish a medical cannabis programedical marijuanam. Today the program serves over 25,000 patients. This tiny country is leading the world in medical research on the plant and recently announced that they believe they can link CBD and THC with a cure for cancer. Studies are ongoing. We should all look to these pioneers for a compassionate solution to this world wide disease.  Groundbreaking discoveries are coming out of Israels research every day!



 World Renowned Studies

An extremely large research company in Israel, Tikun Olam, has been operating with the government’s approval for over 10 years. They boast that they have one of the largest medical cannabis patient databases in the world. They have several world renowned studies including one that centers on the effects of cannabis on children with cancer and a controversial study on the effects of cannabis on patients with Crohns Disease. Just think of thechange in the disease profile of the world if these advancements become a reality.

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Contrast and Controversy

In contrast the US still classifies cannabis as a schedule one drug and inhibits the research on the medicinal properties. There is still lawmakers refusing to open the doors to enlightened and compassionate care. At the same time amid much controversy the DEA wants to reverse a decades old policy and allow for profit companies easier terms on research of cannabis. Amid all this confusion and fuss the DEA would like to control the advancement of the research which would be totally out of the bounds of their scope of duties.

International Partnerships

The US is the biggest market for the technologies being developed in Israel and many US pharmaceutical companies are looking to partner with Israel to reap the benefits. It is a natural partnership with many of the technological advancements being subsidized by private US corporations that are running clinical trials in Israel. The US private pharmaceutical corporations are very aware of the impact that the development of this medicine can have on the world as we know it.

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Cash Crop

Israel has also announced the possibility of exporting Israeli grown medical cannabis to the rest of the world for research. This is also looked on favorably by the government due to the economic impact  a large cash crop would have on their gross national product and help with their trade deficit. Israel marijuana research will continue to lead the world due to their early entry into the field over fifty years ago!

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