Today for a limited time there is a super sale on Isodiol CannaCeuticals for Mothers Day 2018!

Cannaceuticals special

This is the same product that we featured several times last year!


We cannot tell you how excited we are about this CannaCeuticals promotion.

If you haven’t heard about it, click this link and check out what’s going on.  CLICK HERE

When the CannaCeuticals line was first released, it caused a MASSIVE IMPACT because of it’s unique approach to skincare and anti-aging.Micro-Encapsulation Changes Everything!

This kit is regularly priced OVER $400, and right now, it’s available for $149 for a limited time.

CannaCeuticals Is
Revolutionary Skin Care

Micro-encapsulation involves super-tiny particles in which an active molecule is enclosed to protect from oxidation to extend the shelf life and allows for timed release delivery so that the skin recognizes it quicker than ingredients in traditionally formulated skin care products.

Cannaceuticals CB7 skincare products micro-encapsulate our Cannabidiol (CBD) to facilitate a controlled release delivery and enhanced penetration of this potent antioxidant to the site upon application so that the skin utilizes it in a more efficient manner, allowing for quicker and more noticeable results.

Cannaceuticals is the FIRST to develop skin care using this novel, anti-aging Cannabidiol (CBD) in this super-efficient delivery system. As a result, clinical trials prove that our CBD7 Regenerating 7 Serum has noticeable results in just 7 days!


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I really believe that we would all live a longer healthier life if we made a concerted effort to have CBD’s in our daily regimen.


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