I am bringing you a Farm Bill Update as of 7 pm EST on December 19 2018.

I was hoping the bill would already have been across the Presidents desk by now.

In an unprecedented vote, the House of Representatives approved a bill Wednesday  which allocates billions of dollars in subsidies to American farmers, legalizes hemp, bolsters farmers markets and rejects stricter limits on food stamps pushed by House Republicans. This IS the Senate version of the bill. President Trump is expected to soon sign it into law.

Our President will compromise on his food stamps position to get this thru! The vote was 386 to 47 in the House. Everybody wants this bill to pass as it is an omnibus bill of gigantic proportions. It funds so many different things is is hard to fathom.  The Senate had passed it 87 to 13.

Being excited about the passing and signing of a spending bill on the eve of a government shutdown is disheartening. But this is a major hurdle for the HEMP movement. Under the new bill farming industrial hemp will be legal on the federal level. Industrial Hemp or cannabis sativa with less that .3% THC in the live plant has been descheduled! The beginning of the end for Hemp Prohibition. 

The bill had bipartisan support and is estimated to be $867 billion in spending. Yes that’s right 867 billion. That is hard to fathom isn’t it?

Some expanded farm subsidies. 

The farm bill has some provisions pushed by House Republicans that expands some federal agricultural subsidies to nieces, nephews and first cousins of farmers — even if those relatives do not directly work on the farm. This seems to be crazy to me! it is an example of pure pork barrel cronyism. Yeah, I think I just made that term up.

A group that tracks federal farm subsidies, The Environmental Working Group, has criticized this provision as a wasteful giveaway. Congressional Republicans argued the expansion would encourage more people to be involved in farming.

Who was responsible for Hemp in this Bill?

Mitch McConnell on the Hemp provision of the farm Bill 2019

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.)  was at the forefront of the Hemp legalization provision, and as he had  included in the Senate’s farm bill, would officially classify hemp as an agricultural commodity and remove it from the federal controlled substances list. Lawmakers are also expected to advance the measure about Hemp when they meet next month to draft the final, bicameral version of the legislation. This amazes me that we can go thru all these committees and two chambers of legislation and they still farm the final say out to unelected bureaucrats to finalize it.

Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.), was an architect of the legalization plan.  He claims his constituents are begging to grow Hemp. In a recent interview Comer said “I get a call from a farmer every other day. More and more farmers want to grow it.”  Kentucky played a large role in having Hemp deregulated!


In Kentucky, McConnell’s home state they are banking on Hemp bringing them back from the Big Tobacco Road collapse! Before Big Tobacco took a major hit Kentucky along with several other states had a profitable tobacco industry.

Agriculture in the country has suffered terribly from the greed and lawless regulation imposed and used as a political tool.  The subsidy thing is a terrible problem. We should get back to the free market for sure! Kentucky is already got a Industrial Hemp market going as they pushed ahead on their research permit from the 2014 Farm Bill and produced commercially available hemp oil and extracts. The DEA has turned a closed eye and allowed it. other states have followed suit like Colorado and California. By the letter of that 2014 Bill only research should have been allowed. The American Capitalist system kicked in and the Feds allowed it to grow. Now the question is will the rest of the industries pick up on this fantastic plant?

The History of Hemp as an agricultural product

Industrial Hemp is taller and thinner and most of the Cannabinoids and compounds are in the stalk and branches. Not so much in the leaves or in the seed.We can make paper, clothing, rope, canvas, cement, plastic, fuel and on and on! The possibilities are endless. Moving in this direction is the right thing for mankind. Cleaner more sustainable environment!

The saga of American hemp is essentially one of mistaken identity according to farmers . The tall, weedy plant is botanically the same species as marijuana, but it contains only trace amounts of the psychoactive compound THC that causes a high in smokers. The plants are also distinctly different even though they are cousins in the Cannabis Sativa genus. Greed entered into the psychology and hemp got leaned on because of the paper industry and petrochemical industry wanting all the market.

Chart explaining the difference between Hemp and Marijuana
chart compliments Ministry of Hemp

This is the right road politically and agriculturally for our country. We expect our President Donald Trump to sign the bill before the holidays.

President Trump
President Donald Trump
45th President
of the USA

I was hoping it would be before this mess about shutting down the government but a spending bill of this size is not what they want to see on the eve of the shutdown.


Farm Bill Update Timeline to passage

See the ceremony here!

Truly a momentous occasion for the HEMP industry!

Check out the statement from the U.S. Hemp Roundtable, an Industry leading organization.


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