The ChewIT TM + Amp’d UP TM Bundle is an awesome way to experience these great products.

I personally use the AmpedUp and have been for over a year when I need that little extra boost. It’s great and unlike coffee or other energy drinks I’m not loading up on sugar or liquid for that matter. 

ChewIt CBD Gummies and Amped up Bundle

For a limited time, enjoy the CBD-packed punch of delicious fruit ChewIT ™ gummies and Amp’d UP ™ energy shots! This variety pack delivers the healthy benefits of hemp-based edibles and beverages in tasty flavors. Enjoy this flavorful assortment while it lasts!


The boys at the marketing department say it best!

“Wellness never tasted so good! Balance mind and body and get the energy you need to power through your day in this delightfully refreshing assortment of CBD chews and energy shots.

ChewIT ™ gummies provide the full spectrum of unique benefits of pure CBD. Enjoy three refreshing varieties of flavor-bursting chews and experience the full effect of these THC-free snacks.

    • Watermelon sour chews
    • Sour and sweet chews
    • Sour rainbow belts

Get Amp’d UP ™ with a berry-flavored energy shot that gives you the nutritional support and stamina boost you need! Amp’d UP ™ combines the wellnesssupport of hemp-derived phytocannabinoids, botanical terpenes, b-vitamins, and caffeine. It also features Heneplex ™, a full spectrum hemp complex formulated for ideal absorption.

Improve your focus, increase your stamina, and promote your body’s overall wellness with this CBD power pack – while it lasts!”

That’s right this  ChewIT TM + Amp’d UP TM Bundle is the best way to try out these great flavors and the AWESOME AmpedUP product!