How you get your CBD’s is a personal choice.

CBD vape pens have become very popular. This is because it is easy and can be utilized almost anywhere. The appeal is such that more an more people have resorted to this method. It isCBD vape pens generally agreed that vaping the compound is better for you than smoking it and the delivery method is faster than in ingesting it. With that said lets take a look at what is going on.

Vaporize ~~ Don’t burn!

While getting the CBD’s in this manner is favorable there are some concerns. The portable vape pens have some intricate drawbacks as well as the vape oil itself. The idea behind vaping is that you heat the oil or flower to a point of vaporizing the compounds without burning them. Therefore you are not inhaling the carcinogens that are produced by burning the substance. In an ideal situation this is great. And there is a lot to be said for dry vaping the flowers or buds as opposed to using a manufactured oil. The oil itself and the portable vape pen is what we are going to concern ourselves with.


Generally most of the oils are using some kind of substance to mix the CBD oil with as a delivery agent. The most popular one to mix with the cannabinoids is propylene glycol. This is also used in most nicotine vape oils. Propylene glycol has been approved by the FDA for ingestion which plus percentagemakes everyone believe it is safe. The majority of testing was done on ingesting it not inhaling it. In a 2010 study by the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health it was revealed that airborne propylene glycol can be harmful. It can irritate asthma, eczema and many allergic symptoms. When propylene glycol is overheated to a burning point it produces formaldehyde, a cancer causing product.  The problem arises from using these oils in the popular cheap vape pens. There is no control on these pens as to how much heat is distributed.

Pen Drawbacks

Most pens heat with a coil. Sometimes the coil gets too hot and besides vaporizing it actually does change the compounds after vaporizing which can turn into toxic vapors that can wreak havoc on your lungs and other systems. This is called “smoldering”.  This is a something that the industry does not address and the public is unaware of. Personally I enjoy vaping my CBD’s but am now a little more than concerned by this. It seems each time we try to do something good for our bodies there is a drawback. You see there is no standard or control of the manufacture of these devices. Even when testing 2 devices from the same manufacturer it has been found that there is a major difference in performance. Most of these pens on the market today are manufactured in China and as cheaply as possible. Some more expensive models have controls on how much energy is used and how hot the element becomes. This can be utilized to give you a safer experience.


Finding CBD vape oil without the propylene glycol isn’t that hard and getting a pen with some control is getting easier and cheaper all the time. I will be looking deeper into this as I have become more aware of the dangerous possibilities. Labeling of the devices and the oil seems to be one of the problematic things. There are no rules to control this as the vape oil itself is not a regulated industry. We do need some regulation on this as it is a health concern. I am opposed to over regulation in any market but we do need some to get some standards set up to go by. Even the dosing and ingredients on these product labels are confusing. Being aware what they all mean is where the confusion lies.

quality control

Dietary Supplement

Another huge problem is there have been no definitive studies as to how much of the vapor is inhaled each time. The variables are just so great depending on the user and their overall habits. Even though vaping is considered the fastest and most reliable delivery method, it can be as elusive a subject as any. For medicinal purposes vaping is not the desired method because quantities are so variable and uncontrollable but for the dietary supplemental user it is easy and enjoyable. The makers of these oils and implements need to be more specific in their labeling and have better control over the manufacture to make this safe for the consumer. ProjectCBD did a study and released an incomplete list of CBD vape oils with these harmful products in them.  Not using these products will send a message to the manufacturers that they have to clean up their products!

  • Alternate Vape
  • Bluebird Botanicals
  • CannaVape CBD Oil
  • Cloud 9 CBD
  • Delta Liquids
  • Entourage Hemp Products also known as Cannoid LLC
  • Hemp Life Today (also known as Cannazall)
  • Hemp Pure Vape
  • Hemp Vap
  • KanaVape
  • Miracle Smoke
  • Michigan Hemp Company (also known as Bluegrass Naturals)
  • Pure CBD Vapors
  • Pure Hemp Vape
  • Tasty Hemp Oil
  • Zamnesia CBD Smart Liquid


I personally use CBD’s to help with my anxiety and pain and enjoy the vaping method as I have said it is easy, I use oil or wax . I also take the oil in capsule form. Knowing how much to take is the problem. Specific dosing is not available to us that are not covered by the medical cannabis rules and must resort to self medicating under the dietary supplement guise. I have spoken with doctors that say it is beneficial but will not recommend a specific dose. And using my preferred method of vaping it is hard to tell how much you are getting. You have to rely on your own bodies signals.  A useful link is “How much CBD should I take“. Please read the whole article not just look at the chart.

Please know that we are only providing the link to the above page for your reference information.  The FDA will not allow us to tell someone how much CBD they should take.  So, by visiting the page above, the user understands that the information found on the page is in no way connected to   Further, in no way should the information found on the webpage be construed to to mean that is stating that CBD will treat, diagnose or cure any health condition.  Further, the efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research.  All information presented here is not intended as a substitute for or alternative to information provided by a health care practitioner.

That last statement is descriptive of where we are in the balance of this issue. While we know CBD’s are good for us in general we are still on a journey to discover the real and true benefits that we can have in our everyday life. CBD vape pens are in our life now and should be used with some caution. I hope this information enlightens and helps you on this journey.

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