CBD(cannabidiol) is a key compound found in the hemp plant. It is not psychoactive as is its cousin THC. CBD is present in all strains of hemp! Marijuana is just a strain of hemp that has THC also. There are over 60 cannaboid compounds found in hemp or marijuana. New studies have isolated strains of hemp that are very high in CBD but almost negligible amounts of THC. CBD enriched Hemp Oil is the product we need!

Hemp oil and seed

Hemp is a very misunderstood plant nowadays. In the early days of our country hemp was one of the highest profit crops to grow. George Washington and other founding fathers all grew hemp. As a matter of fact you were required to grow hemp and turn some of it over into the government to use for military clothing, canvas for tents and sails, rope for all the services. Yes you’ve got that right. Hemp has all those uses but we’ll look at them in a later article. For now we are going to focus on CBD enriched hemp oil.

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You can extract hemp oil from industrial hemp plants that have no thc in them so it is perfectly legal. There are many cbd enriched hemp oil products on the market. The benefits from cbd are too great to be ignored. A friend of mine was relating why he felt we needed cbd’s to me the other day. He said “Prior to 1937 we had cbds in our diet naturally. That farmers grew it because it was easy to grow. Its a weed. Then they fed it to the cows and chickens and other farm animals. It even grew wild for some time before our government eradicated it. We received the cbds in our milk, butter, cheese, steaks, chicken fillets and on and on”. A little light bulb went off in my head. Maybe we need those cbds! Look what they are good for.

According to a 2013 review published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, studies have found CBD to possess the following medical properties:

medical properties of cbd

A 2011 review published in Current Drug Safety concludes that CBD “does not interfere with several psycho motor and psychological functions.” The authors add that several studies suggest that CBD is “well tolerated and safe” even at high doses.
CBD treatment has also been found to be effective on:
cigarette addiction

  • acne
  • Diabetes
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Prion/Mad Cow Disease
  • PTSD
  • Schizophrenia
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Insomnia

And the list keeps growing.

CBD oil can be taken in many ways. There are capsules, tinctures, gels, put the oil under your tongue, you can even vape it. Actually vaporizing it and inhaling the vapor is one of the best ways to ingest it if you are just taking it as a supplement. If you are actually treating a disease I would check with a doctor as to how much you should be ingesting or otherwise. I know for pain it is suggested you take 50mg and upwards of 500 mg daily depending on your condition.

Mayo Clinic suggests CBD dosages on scientific research, publications, traditional use, or expert opinion. Cannabinoid dosages and duration of treatment depend largely on the disease. Note that some of these treatments recommend THC which is only available in states that have legalized medical marijuana

How Much CBD Oil Should I Take?

  1. To increase appetite in cancer patients: 2.5 milligrams of THC by mouth with or without 1 mg of CBD for six week
  2. To treat chronic pain: 2.5-20 mg CBD by mouth for an average of 25 days
  3. To treat epilepsy: 200-300 mg of CBD by mouth daily for up to 4.5 months
  4. To treat movement problems associated with Huntington’s disease: 10 mg per kilogram of CBD by mouth daily for six weeks
  5. To treat sleep disorders: 40-160 mg CBD by mouth.
  6. To treat multiple sclerosis symptoms: Cannabis plant extracts containing 2.5-120 milligrams of a THC-CBD combination by mouth daily for 2-15 weeks. A mouth spray might contain 2.7 milligrams of THC and 2.5 milligrams of CBD at doses of 2.5-120 milligram for up to eight weeks. Patients typically use eight sprays within any three hours, with a maximum of 48 sprays in any 24-hour period.
  7. To treat schizophrenia: 40-1,280 mg CBD by mouth daily for up to four weeks
  8. To treat glaucoma: a single CBD dose of 20-40 mg under the tongue. Doses greater than 40 mg may actually increase eye pressure.

According to CannLabs, the nation’s top full-service testing lab for cannabis products, there is no established lethal CBD dose. Consumers should read product inserts carefully to ensure they are taking the right amount of CBD, and talk to the prescribing physician about any questions or concerns.

So as you can see CBD research and implementation as a recognized treatment is going to create many more opportunities for creating wealth. This will be the next Gold Rush, the Green Rush! And believe me This will not just be gmoney plantedrowers and dispensaries. There will be many investment opportunities as well that could create millionaires. Bookmark this blog or sign up for my newsletter to keep updated on how you could make some money on this amazing new trend.


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