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What is the Difference Between Hemp and Cannabis?

What is the Difference Between Hemp and Cannabis?

A big question coming up nowadays is, what is the difference between hemp and cannabis?

Hemp seed and leaves

Well after digging thru many articles and research my opinion falls wit the Canadian explanation. Hemp is cannabis sativa that has less than .03% THC.
So all hemp is cannabis but all cannabis is not hemp! Hemp is a species of the genus cannabis.

Cannabis is a genus that contains basically three varieties. Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Ruderalis. Read More

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Home in the campground of

South Dakota is killin me At the 77th Annual Sturgis Bike Rally!

It all started out as a great party!

Live tour of One Eyed Jacks Saloon Sturgis SD 77th Annual Bike Rall

Posted by Dennis Darragh on Thursday, August 3, 2017

And then all hell broke loose!

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Laguna Blends Review

Laguna Blends

Laguna Blends is about to launch into a new segment of their history so I am writing this Laguna Blends Review to help explain what the opportunity is and what fantastic products are available in the Laguna Blends Reviewmarketplace today. I previously Introduced Laguna Blends in a different article and you can read that by following this link right here, it opens in a new tab so you won’t lose your place in this article.

CBD Infused Products

Laguna Blends specializes in CBD infused products using a proprietary nanotechnology. Read More

My Club 8

Laguna Blends, Club 8

My Club 8

A great new buyers club. MyClub8 focusing on CBD. The company is integrated with Isodiol, one of the worlds leading CBD oil manufacturers in the world and Laguna Blends, a Canadian company who have just relocated to San Diego and are expanding in leaps and bounds!

Update 02/19/2018

Our launch did not take place in January due to some unforeseen problems in  the technical area. The company is not commiting to a solid date right now but are being optimistic for the first quarter or soon thereafter still. We are on a good track right now with the FREE ecommerce portal available for use to all V.I.P.’s (Visionaries of Infinite Possibilities).

DAD (Director of Affiliate Development) spoke this last Friday Live on FB about the future of Club8 and how this will be the retail Direct Marketing arm of Isodiol International which is becoming a conglomerate of companies with similar goals. To spread the word worldwide about plant based products that we trust!


Another important update 12/17/2017. 

MyClub8 is going to officially launch sometime in  January is what the Hopsvine has to say. The Club has been in the prelaunch phase sinch April of 2017. Charles Vest “DAD” or now “UNCLE”, our fearless leader spoke for a couple hours to an excited and enthusiatic group of VIP’s (visionaries of infinite possibilities) The educational and training event took place in  Charleston South Carolina. People traveled North, East and South to be part of this event from Tampa, Ohio, Jersey and Philadelphia.

Boat life

Posted by Willie Weatherly on Saturday, December 16, 2017

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Quick Update 12/12/17

Club 8 has added many more products and grown exponentially since the pre launch started in April this year. It is still FREE to join but there is scuttlebutt in the air that it will not be long before there is a fee, So join now and be grandfathered in to this great journey!

Club 8 has been chosen by the Isodiol family of companies to be the retail distribution arm for all the com paniesd in the family. So look for more and more products all the time. As a matter of fact we have become the first company in the world to offer a Non Cannabis CBD product. It is an Isodiol product that will revolutionize the CBD business. It will legitimize the CBD product completely. Imagine NON CANNABIS CBD.  Our faithful team of scientists at Isodiol Internetional has come up with a financially feasible way to extract CBD from Hops! The product is called Immune AG and watch this site for when you can get it!

immune AG



Since 2011, Isodiol has been the industry leader in the manufacturing and development of raw ingredients and consumer products derived from cannabis.

We pioneered many firsts for hemp derivatives, including a 99% pure crystalline powder, micro-encapsulation for topical products, and nanotechnology for use in food & beverage and pharmaceutical grade applications.

Building on our history of customer validated success, today we’re focused on phytoceutical optimization for more than a dozen plants in order to maximize their bioactivity in the human body.



Laguna Blends        Isodiol products

This is a new innovative approach to direct marketing. It is formed around an affiliate marketing business plan with tiers. I know it sounds MLMish, LOL but they are promising a new experience for everyone.

The products are by far the best in the world and I can attest to that as I use them myself. I have been using CBD for about 5 years now for some medical maladies I have and I have been extremely happy with my experience with The Club 8 products.

Laguna Blends MarketplaceRead More

CBD Vape Pens

cbd vape pens

How you get your CBD’s is a personal choice.

CBD vape pens have become very popular. This is because it is easy and can be utilized almost anywhere. The appeal is such that more an more people have resorted to this method. It isCBD vape pens generally agreed that vaping the compound is better for you than smoking it and the delivery method is faster than in ingesting it. With that said lets take a look at what is going on.

Vaporize ~~ Don’t burn!

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Israel Marijuana Research

Marijuana Bud

Dr. Alan Shackelford a Harvard trained physician commenting on Israel marijuana research said “Israel is leading the world by instituting government policies that make it possiblIsraeli flage to conduct scientific investigations into the potential medical uses of cannabis with a minimum of
restrictions and with sensible regulations, and by not putting roadblocks in the way of conducting legitimate research.” They are paving the way for advancements that are crucial to the cures of many diseases inflicting the world.Read More

New DEA Rules Threaten CBD

DEA Badge

The DEA is at it again.

New DEA Rules Threaten CBD industry prosperity again. The DEA is making an attempt to control All cannabinoid compounds in a new rule expected to pass in the first week of Jan 17 2017. These compounds are not listed under the Controlled Substances Act. The onlyDEA Police cannabinoid compound stated in the Act is THC, the psychoactive compound. There are over 80 known cannabinoid compounds. So it looks to be that the DEA does not have the authority to do this as they have no legislative powers. They tried a similar attempt a few years back and failed. The War on Drugs is still not over and parts of the government just will not yield to change. Keeping control of such a useful plant because of this off the wall thinking is damaging to our whole existence as a free society. The mainstream media does not tell the public about this kind of political movement which I believe is a stretch of power.Read More