Hi my name is Dennis Darragh.

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I am the owner here at usagreenrush.com. Here’s a little about me.

I was born and raised in New York but have been a resident of Florida for 30 years. I live on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. I am a retired boat Captain, Scuba Instructor, fisherman. Prior to that I owned a wholesale meat distribution business, drove an 18 wheeler, worked as a paid fireman, owned a motel with a snack bar, was partners in a deli and worked, worked, worked.

I have degenerative spinal disease that was diagnosed in 1995 and it became a real problem around 2003. I have been thru the ringer with treatments, therapy, opiates and injections.

I have really found some relief from CBD’s. They helped me get off the opiate train in 2012 and I self medicate with supplement style CBD’s now as I live in Florida.where my condition does not qualify for medical cannabis. Several doctors speaking off the cuff said I would benefit from the whole plant. So with the new amendment voted in in 2016 I will wait for a bit to see if the change will effect my status!
UPDATE 07/24/2018 I am now a Medical marijuana patient here in Florida as of November 2017. I still use the CBD oil that I sell as I like IT!

I am a father of two and grandfather of three so I want to be able to work my own schedule and have time for me! Remember ME. Heheheh we all lose focus sometimes but I am now looking forward to bright future in my golden years and I will be here to help you with info and the products that I use also and love!.

I am an active blogger and affiliate marketer. Having been around computers since the late seventies I have seen some amazing changes, My journey online has lead to many different experiences.  I have dabbled in the Internet business world without much success like most people. I have lost money on mlm’s, like most who get involved. I ran a successful site that had physical products and although I was making money I was tied down to the business as I did everything, website maintenance, order fulfillment; accounting you name it. It was so time consuming and exhausting. I didn’t want to go back to work for someone. So I kept looking and looking till I found Wealthy Affiliate. I am so happy as it will give me a chance to build something profitable and be involved in a community helping others.
UPDATE 07/24/2018 After 2 years the training is working out!

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If you have a question email me at dennis@bestinternetwork.com


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