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Once Again Cannabis Stocks are in the news.

Update Jan 2019

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Things in the stock market have been crazy in all the sectors. You can see what’s happening. Cannabis companies are doing great and money is being made. If you listen to the big stock guru’s there is still time to make a landslide in the Cannabis sector. The market is being driven by politics, the world monetary system and big investment firms. It’s obvious to me as I watch startup after startup enter the market and bloom. The performance of the individual companies doesn’t always drive the prices.

If you got in around 2016 most likely you are still in a profit position. If you got in 2017 late you may be back to even. From the beginning I have said that this sector is long term for careful investors and the adventurous types may grab one of those spikes and run a 1000% profit. I will admit that I took profits off on spikes because that was my plan. I still now have more than I started with and have gotten all my money back. Some of the trades if I had waited I would have made more and I missed the big ones LOL. I know one day trader who told me before I started the list I give out that the cannabis penny stocks would be worthless but I convinced him to take a shot. He knew how to research and all the fine points of trading that I am not entirely up on. Dang he made 5 figures on one trade! PHEW but he only smirked when I asked how much he lost on the way to that spike LOL. You have to be brave Baby!

This year should prove to be a big one with Canada going all Legal, California going legal and the USA federal government passing the Hemp Bill which should have a very big impact on agriculture in general for the USA. State after state is realizing , this is THE cash crop. It’s easy to grow, good for the environment, is beneficial medically and can change their economic bottom line.

So what I’m saying is that if your in, stay in, if your not in, get in, if your in and not doing good make some changes!




Cannabis stock prices have been on the move again!

UPDATE 06/17/2018

Cannabis stocks are still being very volatile right now! Hang on! I just was in a conference where we were comparing charts from years gone by on individual stocks and on whole sectors and came out with some more understanding. Hanging on while some drop is key to this whole thing. The best advice is to stay diversified meaning don’t throw all your capital at one opportunity. Like i said in the welcome letter, Pick a few different areas and use common amounts. Say if your bankroll is $200, Pick 4 companies and put $50 in each that way you are not overfunded if one fails and not underfunded if one takes off. And like always “DON’T SPEND THE LUNCH MONEY”

UPDATE 03/07/2018

Since late last year the whole Cannabis sector has been very volatile! It has never dropped to where we started. That is the movement of all the stocks in the list I provide. Of course there are some losers in there but like I have saying all along in  this journey, The winners are doing better so overall we are in good shape. My personal portfolio is up over 150% still! It is a bumpy ride but if you pay some attention you can get your seed money back (like I did).

California going recreational hasn’t really effected the stock market yet as the state is moving slowly deliberately to make sure they implement a functional system to regulate the industry.  Keep an eye on the market thru the summer but sooner or later we will see a giant spike due to California’s law change.


UPDATE 11/27/2017

Unbelievable to a guy like me who is not a great gambler and the stock market feels like gambling to me. Kinda like Horse Racing, or statiscal analysis of other sports betting but it still comes down to betting on something happening. The Cannabis Market is akin to some of my accumulated knowledge thru the years so I am so grateful for the chance to invest in the legal gains of the growth of an industry that can change the footprint of American Society.

This past week I was able to take some more profits, and I am still holding a portfolio with almost double the value. I only have to do what I have been doing one more time and I will have my original investment back and a portfolio worth twice what I started with. The amount doesn’t matter 3 times anything in 13 months is awesome growth in my book.

It is far from over people. The Hottest stock right now is

Isodiol International Inc ISOLF:OTCQB (Common Stock)

At this wring I am just about gaining 10x my investment. I did take my initial investment out alrerady and have almost 8 times my original investment! Is that awesome or what. Check it out! If you don’t have an acct send me your email address at dennis@usagreenrush.com and I will send you a link to get three free trades at Scottrade which will soon be TDAmertrade.

UPDATE 4/27/17
Last week we experienced some real highs in a couple areas especially the pharmaceuticals. Due to a budgetary crisis I was forced to sell but now they have dropped back down and I am scrambling to fund myself back to the same point. These stocks are so volatile you have to keep an eye on the crystal ball!

Since I first started following last summer rising stock graph
there has been some great gains. I keep watching as the cannabis stock prices continue 
to rise!
Read my first article on this. This is one of those rare opportunities in the market. Every now and then these opportunities to create wealth for the average guy come along. This is a time when a small stake can zoom to unprecedented highs.

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